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South Connellsville Borough Ordinances:


Ordinances listed on the

South Connellsville Borough web page

are a selection of those commonly asked about.

If the ordinances listed on our page donít address

your needs, please check at the Borough Office for

additional information.

724 628 4860


Please click on the ordinance number to view that particular ordinance.

Animal/Pet Ownership

Ordinance 242- Regulating ownership of dogs and cats

Ordinance 292- Owner responsibility for pet feces on public streets and roads

Ordinance 316- Regulating the ownership of Domesticated Farm Birds



Ordinance 137- Establishment of Borough Planning Commission

Ordinance 143- Establishment of Joint Planning Commission

Ordinance 307- Establishment of Inter-municipal Equipment Sharing Agreement


Borough Employee Salaries and Benefits

Ordinance 164- Establishing salaries for Mayor and Council

Ordinance 261- Establishing non-uniform employee pension fund

Ordinance 280- Amending ordinance 261

Ordinance 285- Municipal Pension Program for police


Borough Taxes

Ordinance 302- Property tax rate FY 2016

Ordinance 305- Property tax rate FY 2017

Ordinance 310- Property tax rate FY 2018

Ordinance 311- Property tax rate FY 2019

Ordinance 313- Property tax rate FY 2020


Building Regulations/Permits

Ordinance 136- Repeals all previous building permit ordinances

Ordinance 203- Amends permit fee in ordinance 136

Ordinance 250- Amends permit fees in ordinance 136

Ordinance 281- Adoption of PA. Construction Code

Ordinance 306- Flood plain building regulations


Commerce and Amusements

Ordinance 22- Regulating pool rooms and billiard parlors

Ordinance 25- Regulating circuses and carnivals

Ordinance 27- Amendment to ordinance 25

Ordinance 33- Amendment to ordinance 25

Ordinance 36- Sunday baseball and football games

Ordinance 38- Regulating use of fireworks

Ordinance 57- License fee on gaming establishments

Ordinance 81- Amendment to ordinance 57

Ordinance 170- Regulating sale of combustible liquids

Ordinance 205- Regulating solicitation within Borough

Ordinance 303- Amendment to ordinance 170


Communication: (Telephone/Telegraph/Cable TV)

Please check at Borough Building for all questions regarding communications.



Ordinance 199- Curfew for all minor children (18 and under)


Debt and Investments

Ordinance 8- Bond issue for $29,000, 1922

Ordinance 9- Authorization of $29,000 debt, 1922           

Ordinance 11- Increase bonded indebtedness to $33,000, 1923

Ordinance 41- Bond issue for $3000 for fire equipment, 1937

Ordinance 45- Bond issue for $8000, 1940

Ordinance 64- Bond issue for $10,000, street improvements, 1948

Ordinance 68- Amendment to ordinance 64, 1949

Ordinance 92- Authorized additional debt of $24,000, 1953

Ordinance 119- Purchase of property for the erection of borough building, 1960

Ordinance 196- Approve loan of $25,000 for sewage project, 1984

Ordinance 212- Increase debt by an additional $75,000, 1989

Ordinance 215- Authority to borrow $100,000 for sewage project, 1989

Ordinance 216- Amendment to ordinance 215, 1990

Ordinance 253- Borough to join the Pennsylvania Municipal Investment Trust, 1995

Ordinance 271- Authority to borrow an additional $20,000, 2000


 Garbage and Recycling

Ordinance 69- Establishing mandatory garbage collection

Ordinance 184- Mandatory garbage collection amending ordinance 69

Ordinance 213- Establishing Recycling Program

Ordinance 224- Mandatory garbage collection amending ordinance 69 & 184

Ordinance 237- Mandatory garbage collection amending ordinance 69, 184 & 224

Ordinance 252- Establishes garbage franchise fee for Anchor Glass Corp


General Ordinances

Ordinance 219- Amending all ordinances from 1 to 218 (Penalties)

Ordinance 222- Authorizing inter municipal police co-operation

Ordinance 248- Regulating fire insurance within the Borough (arson)

Ordinance 249- Address numbering compliant with 911 regulations

 Ordinance 264- Authorize junior firemen to engage in fundraising

Ordinance 315- Regulating the Operation of all Vehicles on the Property of the South Connellsville Playground


Lighting of Borough

Please check at Borough Building for all questions regarding borough lighting


Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regulations

Ordinance 192- Regulations on the enforcement of speeding laws

Ordinance 276, 262, 227, 217- Installation and regulation of stop signs

Ordinance 238, 233, 232, 202, 180- Weight limits on roadways

Ordinance 308- No parking on Atlas Ave. and other traffic studies

Ordinance 18, 19, 51, 53- Misc. older traffic and vehicle regulations


Opening and Closing of Borough Streets

Please check at Borough Building for all questions regarding opening and closing of borough streets and alleys.


Public Nuisance Laws

Ordinance 210- Junk and trash on private property

Ordinance 198- Regulation of open burning on private property

Ordinance 251- Amendment of ordinance 198, Changes in enforcement and restrictions

Ordinance 296A- Amendments to 198 and 251

Ordinance 284- Regulation of weeds on rivate properties

Ordinance 235- Regulating the repair of vehicles on all borough streets, alleys and highways

Ordinance 200- Prohibition of the sale and distribution of lewd materials

Ordinance 197- Prohibition of public consumption of alcoholic beverages

Ordinance 190- Regulations of the handling of nuisance properties

Ordinance 179 & 146- Prohibiting the parking of junked cars on borough streets

Ordinance 160- Loitering on public streets

Ordinance 98- Prohibiting the abandonment of air-tight containers

Ordinance 297- Adoption of the International Property Maintenance Code

Ordinance 301- Residents responsible for quality of life issues


Street Cars and Railroads

Please check at Borough Building for all questions regarding streetcars and railroads.


Streets and Sidewalks (Paving and Maintenance)

Please check at Borough Building for all questions regarding paving and maintenance of streets and sidewalks.


Water, Sewage and Storm Drains

Ordinance 309- Municipal storm water management plan

Ordinance 282- Adoption of storm water management regulations

Ordinance 239- Regulating industrial waste

Ordinance 231- Creation of the South Connellsville Municipal Authority

Please check at Borough Building for all additional questions regarding water, sewage and storm drains.

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